Beam Profile Monitors


Picture of the NEC BPM80 Beam Profile Monitor NEC beam profile monitors (BPMs) provide a continuous scope display of the shape and position of the beam cross section in both X and Y coordinates. They can monitor beams of electrons, ions, and energetic neutral particles.

A helical wire on a rotary drive crosses the beam vertically and then horizontally during each revolution. A cylindrical collector around the grounded wire collects beam-induced secondary electrons from the wire to provide a signal proportional to the intercepted beam intensity at every instant. By eliminating rotating electrical contact noise, the NEC BPM gives profile displays for beams down to 1 nanoamp. The magnetically-coupled drive eliminates rotating vacuum seals.

Table of NEC Beam Profile Monitor Models

BPM Controllers

NEC offers three BPM controllers. The FP3A provides control and fiducial marks (to indicate beam line center on the display) for one BPM. The SS5A and SS6 models include control and scope display switching for up to twelve BPMs -- one station at a time. Additionally, the SS6 includes CAMAC interfacing for BPM station on/off control.

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