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Faraday Cup, FC46

Picture of the FC-46 Faraday Cup NEC manufactures more than seven types of Faraday Cups for a variety of applications involving the accurate monitoring of ion beam currents. They are all metal and ceramic with MHV or BNC feedthroughs and electrostatic or magnetic suppression. All beam interaction surfaces are tantalum. Some models use vacuum grade bearings in the vacuum. They have no rotating or sliding vacuum seals. For specific requirements, NEC manufactures custom components.

Models are available for applications from low power to high power and for fast insertion and pulsed beam analysis. Choice may be made between bellows driven (bw) and magnetically coupled (mc), and actuation is accomplished by a pneumatic cylinder (pneu), electrical motor (elctr), or DC coil.

Model Number FC18 FC26*** FC28 FC50
Power Rating (W)* 1000 50 100 50
Aperture (mm) 25 25 9.5 25
Drive bw bw mc bw
Actuator pneu pneu fixed** pneu






*The above beam power ratings are for a continuous beam with a diameter of 3 mm or greater, and with appropriate cooling.
**The model FC28 is an impedance-matched "fast" cup capable of displaying 1-nanosecond pulses.
***We recommend the FC50 over the FC26 due to the FC50's deeper cup and higher accuracy.

For orders, inquiries, comments and more information about our products, please contact our sales department at nec@pelletron.com

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