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August 1997

NEC Pelletron® For Use in Depression Studies

The University of Wisconsin-Madison Medical Physics Department has ordered a 9SDH-2 Pelletron ion beam accelerator to aid research of clinical depression. The accelerator will be used to produce 15O, an isotope of oxygen, to be introduced into patients experiencing an episode. Mapping of the patients' brains during an episode provides insight into the areas of activity in the brain (PET).

UW 9SDH-2 Pelletron System This Pelletron is equipped with the NEC Toroidal Volume Ion Source (TORVIS) producing a deuterium ion beam of up to 300 µA of D-. Researchers at UW will run the beam through a nitrogen gas target making 15O in a (d,n) reaction. At the present time, the accelerator is undergoing its final acceptance testing procedure. The Pelletron will be operating at the NEC factory while target development continues by the staff of the University of Wisconsin and until the Functional Brain Imaging Lab on campus is completed.

The 9DSH-2 passed its acceptance tests by producing over 100 µA of 6 MeV DC deuterons on target for over 4 hours.

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