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August 1998

National Electrostatics Corp. has been working with the AMS Group at ETH/PSI in Switzerland to develop a high-precision, compact AMS system for carbon. This system has been built and is now undergoing tests in Zurich.

Initial tests of the system have already demonstrated backgrounds (i.e. 14C - 12C ratios) as low as 1.8 x 10-15 for unprocessed dead graphite. These ratios correspond to a radiocarbon age limit of roughly 50,000 years BP. The ETH group is now running through various standards to determine the ultimate precision of the system.

NEC can now offer this compact AMS system for carbon which will easily fit into a 20 ft. (6 m) x 20 ft. (6 m) room. It is equipped with the 40-sample NEC multi-cathode SNICS source for routine carbon dating. It can also be equipped with the NEC 134-sample multi-cathode SNICS source for rapid, high-throughput radiocarbon analysis. For further information, including pricing and delivery, please contact NEC.

Compact Carbon AMS System

The NEC compact carbon AMS system shown above is complete with all necessary hardware and software for radiocarbon analysis. This is a high-precision system which can be used for routine archaeological analysis as well as other 14C analysis techniques.

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