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June 1999 - Nov 1999

Orders for NEC Pelletrons and components continue to be received. At NEC, there are now seven Pelletron systems in manufacture for a wide variety of applications. Two of the machines presently under construction are for accelerator mass spectrometry. There is a 5 MV recirculating electron machine under construction for Fermilab, a 2 MV single-ended Pelletron with reversible polarity for providing low current beams for space radiation simulation, a single-ended 4 MV Pelletron with nanosecond bunching and pulsing in the terminal for a secondary standard for radiation calibration and two general purpose Pelletrons for materials modification and analysis.

Uppsala University - Since our last update, NEC has accepted an order from Uppsala University, Department of Physics for a Pelletron Model 15SDH-2, 5 MV tandem Pelletron. The 15SDH-2 will be replacing the old EN as part of the renovation and move to the new Science/Math Campus. This system will incorporate much of their existing beamlines for AMS, PIXE, RBS, microprobe and other materials analysis and modification techniques. The 15SDH-2 will be delivered in April, 2000.

CAIS - The Center for Applied Isotope Studies at the University of Georgia has ordered a compact, low voltage AMS system for 14C analysis. This system was developed under the collaboration between ETH/PSI in Zurich with Drs. Martin Suter and Hans-Arno Synal. The CAIS AMS system is equipped with the 134 sample MC-SNICS and can process up to 400 modern carbon samples per day to 2% precision. For standard carbon dating, the system has been demonstrated at ETH/PSI to provide precision on the order of 0.3%. Delivery is expected in July, 2000.

Standard Compact AMS System

The NEC compact AMS system is the only commercially available compact AMS system capable of high throughput and high precision. The entire system will fit easily within a 20 foot x 20 foot room.

KSU - Kansas States University has ordered a Pelletron conversion for their Model EN accelerator. Over the years, NEC has converted seven Model MP's, nine Model FN's and the EN at KSU will be the third of its type to be converted. Delivery of the Pelletron conversion is expected in April, 2000.

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