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June 2000 - February 2001

From the time of our last update, seven Pelletrons and one FN Pelletron conversion have been shipped. In addition, seven new orders for Pelletron systems and an order for an EN conversion have been received. Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (AMS) continues to be the dominate application for new Pelletron systems. However, machines for PIXE, RBS and other applications are also in manufacture.

AMS Systems

The first compact AMS system based on the 500 keV Pelletron tandem accelerator has been shipped and accepted at the Center for Applied Isotope Studies. This system is equipped with the 134 sample multi-cathode SNICS source for high throughput. The system had a guarantee of 0.5% precision. However, 0.3% precision was exceeded in most cases. This is a carbon only system based on the work done at ETH/PSI in Zurich.

Last December, we accepted an order for a second compact AMS system for Adam Mickiewciz University in Poznan, Poland. The ship date is scheduled for October, 2001.

A versatile, 3 MV Pelletron tandem based AMS system is nearing completion on-site at the Institute for Applied Accelerator Analysis in Kanagawa, Japan. This system is also equipped with the 134 sample MC-SNICS for both high throughput and high precision.

Also last December, an order was accepted for a 5 MV Pelletron tandem based AMS system for the Scottish Universities Environmental Research Center near Glasgow. This system is designed for AMS applications involving a wide variety of isotopes including chlorine. The ship date is schedule for April, 2002.

These systems bring the total number of dedicated AMS Pelletron systems to ten with an additional twelve Pelletron systems being used for AMS for a significant amount of their beam time.


Presently in manufacture is a 3 MV single-ended Pelletron for the Guelph Scanning Proton Microprobe Laboratory at the University of Guelph. This is the group, under the direction of Professor J.L. Campbell that developed the PIXE analysis software GUPIX. This systems is scheduled for shipment in July, 2001.

A 1.7 MV Pelletron tandem equipped with the Model RC43 analysis endstation is presently in manufacture for the University of Durham in the U.K. This complete RBS system will be under the direction of Professor Randal W. Richards at the Interdisciplinary Research Centre in Polymer Science. It is scheduled for shipment in October, 2001.

Earlier this month a small ion beam system capable of positive hydrogen ions and negative hydrogen ions was shipped to the Marshall Space Flight Center in Alabama. It will be used for testing an antimatter trap experiment.

Over the years, NEC has converted a number of the older style rubber belt Van de Graaffs to the Pelletron charging system. Recently, the Model FN in the Physics Department at the University of Notre Dame Nuclear Structure Laboratory was converted and accepted. Presently in manufacture is an EN conversion for the Rafter Radiocarbon Laboratory at the Institute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences in New Zealand. It is scheduled for shipment near the end of April, 2001.

These conversion will bring the total number of FN’s converted to ten and the Rafter EN will be the fourth EN converted. These conversions result in less maintenance and greater terminal voltage stability.


Below is a list of conferences that NEC plans to attend or is supporting for the remainder of this year:

International Conference on Physics with Radioactive Ion Beams
Oak Ridge, Tennessee
March 11-14, 2001

MRS Spring Meeting
San Francisco, California
April 16-18, 2001 (Booth No. 405)

9th International Conference on Particle-Induced X-Ray Emission and It’s Analytical Applications
University of Guelph, Canada
June 8-12, 2001

15th International Conference on Ion Beam Analysis
Cairns, Australia
July 15-20, 2001

7th European Conference on Accelerators in Applied Research and Technology
Guildford, United Kingdom
August 21-25, 2001

Symposium of Northeastern Accelerator Personnel (SNEAP 2001)
Lund, Sweden
October 22-25, 2001

For help concerning all types of electrostatic accelerators, contact SNEAP

9th International Conference on Heavy-Ion Accelerator Technology
New Delhi, India
November 5-9, 2001

MRS Fall Meeting
Boston, Massachusetts
November 27-29, 2001

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