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March 2001 - May 2002

Since our last update, another compact AMS system has gone into service and an additional compact AMS system is completing factory tests. The AMS system based on the 500 kV tandem Pelletron at the Poznan Radiocarbon Laboratory is now in routine use on-site. It completed its on-site acceptance tests in December, 2001. For their results, please check their web site at In addition, the compact AMS system for the University of California at Irvine, Earth Science Department, is now undergoing factory testing. Both of these systems are designed for high precision carbon AMS.

Another EN Pelletron charging chain conversion has been completed at the University of Montreal. There are now five EN accelerators using Pelletron chains along with ten FN's and seven MP's.

Chlorine AMS

Most recently, the 5 MV tandem Pelletron AMS system for the Scottish Universities Environmental Research Centre (SUERC) in East Kilbride completed its factory testing. At the NEC factory, chlorine AMS was performed at 5.2 MV terminal potential with a precision exceeding the contract requirement of 3%. All chlorine AMS runs were rather short, on the order of 2 minutes each with 35Cl+7 beam currents from 7 to 22 µAmps, cathode dependent.

For further details concerning the chlorine AMS and other developments at NEC including the recirculating electron beam Pelletron at the Fermi National Lab and a new low current Beam Profile Monitor, please refer to the preprint of the paper that NEC presented at the Heavy Ion Accelerator Technology Conference held in New Delhi, India at the Nuclear Science Centre last January:

Greg Norton, "New developments in design and applications for Pelletron accelerators", Pramana 59(2002) 745-751

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