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October 1997

MeV Ion Implanter for Sweden

In the early to mid 1980s National Electrostatics Corp. was the first company to manufacture production MeV ion implantation systems with cassette-to-cassette wafer handlers. Now, NEC manufactures MeV implanters primarily for research and pilot projects. This month, we are installing a 1 MV tandem Pelletron® based research implanter for IMC in Kista, Sweden. This implanter is designed primarily for MeV implantation of several different ion species into silicon carbide wafers.

This Model 3SDH-2 Pelletron is equipped with a dual ion source injector containing two SNICS ion sources. At the other end of the system, there is an automated wafer handler designed specifically for the small SiC wafers. The wafers are automatically positioned into an oven for implantation at 600°C and higher. The wafer handler accommodates 24 two-inch wafers in the vacuum chamber at one time. Individual wafers may be removed via the load lock system without bringing the entire wafer handler up to atmosphere.

Full computer control allows the IMC implanter multiple energies of implantation for uniform deposition at depths from more than a micron below the surface to near the surface.

The IMC 3SDH-2 is just one of 32 Pelletron systems equipped with the NEC raster scanner deposition system. The NEC raster scanner is also used on eleven other electrostatic accelerators.

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