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November and December 1997

New AMS Ion Source

134 MC-SNICS Ion Source

The manufacturing phase of our new 134 sample Multi-Cathode Source of Negative Ions by Cesium Sputtering (MC-SNICS) is now complete. Designed for high throughput accelerator mass spectrometry, the new AMS ion source has 134 samples in the vacuum at one time, all mounted on a single cathode disk. The disk can be changed to accomodate a new set of 134 samples within one half-hour from beam on to beam on.

As the new source is NEC's fifth generation of cesium sputter sources, it has the same capability of the other NEC cesium sputter sources for producing a wide range of negative ion beam species although it is now used primarily for producing a C- beam. As we go to press, the 134 MC-SNICS is producing over 100 µA of beam after the electrostatic spherical analyzer from graphite cathodes.

Concerning ion sources in general, this Web site has now added sections describing many of the ion sources manufactured by National Electrostatics Corp. This next expansion includes descriptions of both our negative ion sources and our positive ion sources for use with electrostatic accelerators.

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