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January 1998

RC43 RBS End Station

Sample HolderAt the heart of the RC43 materials analysis endstation by NEC is the new computer controlled sample holder, shown at left. Sample movement about the beam is unlimited in rotation with precision channeling alignment. The sample holder is the 5th axis of a 4-axis manipulator.

Our sample holder design facilitates polar scans for channeling - resolution of 0.01°, positions wafers for analysis, and interfaces to the chamber load lock. A separate monitor located in the RC43 control console views sample position with a CCD camera.

RC43 End Station The RC43 system, shown at right, is capable of non-destructive materials analysis techniques: RBS, ERD, PIXE, WDX, NRA, and Channeling. Our Win95 software controls upto 4 MCA data collection cards and includes windows for sample postioning, for imaging (crystalline and microprobe), for automatic crystal channel location, and for real-time data collection.

The NEC RC43 is the choice for materials analysis of any element on the periodic table with fine depth resolution for thin films, trace element sensitivities to ppm, and crystal quality analysis.

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