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May/June 1998

NIES Ion Injector This is the dual ion source injector system for the 15SDH-2 AMS system at the National Institute of Environmental Studies in Tsukuba. The beamline to the far right is the sequential injector system for solid samples. The beamline shown to the left is the simultaneous injection system for both solid and gas samples. The 5 MV tandem Pelletron is located off the picture to the far left. The system has passed all of its acceptance tests on-site and is now in use.

Since our last update, NEC has had two more high precision, versatile AMS systems accepted on-site. The first is at the National Institute of Environmental Studies in Tsukuba, Japan. This is the first AMS system equipped with both gas and solid ion sources and both sequential and simultaneous injection. This 5 MV tandem Pelletron system has produced exceptional, high-precision AMS results. All of the tests results on internationally accepted standards were well within the counting statistics of 0.3%. The best data we obtained was on the NIST OXII standards with 0.13% precision.

This high precision was seen with both the twelve sample multiple gas feed SNICS (MGF- SNICS) and on the forty solid sample SNICS (40 MC-SNICS). Both the sequential and simultaneous injection systems have proved very easy to use while demonstrating the same high precision results.

A detailed report describing the overall capabilities of this system will be given at the Japan Tandem Meeting at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, July 2 and 3, 1998.

134 MC-SNICS Ion Source The NEC 134 MC-SNICS is the first high capacity, high throughput ion source for AMS. 134 samples can be mounted on the cathode disk at one time. The cathode change time is less than five seconds. Time to change out one complete cathode wheel is less than 45 minutes. This source has now been accepted on-site and is in use. More information, including factory test data, is available in the Feb/March '98 "What's New."

On-site testing has also been completed on another 5 MV tandem Pelletron based AMS system designed for high throughput. This sequentially injected AMS system is equipped with NEC's first 134 sample cesium sputter source (134 MC-SNICS). This source provides an exceptional throughput level with less than 5 seconds from beam-to-detector to beam-to-detector for cathode change. The source in no way limits the overall precision of the system. Therefore, this new high throughput system can be run in a low precision mode for maximum throughput or in a high precision mode where the best possible statistics are required.

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