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July 1998

NEC has accepted its first order for a 1 MV tandem Pelletron with the necessary beamlines for a compact AMS system. This system is designed to fit within a 20 foot by 20 foot room. It is designed primarily for carbon work. NEC has also accepted an order for its thirteenth 40 sample multi-cathode SNICS (40 MC-SNICS). This source is rapidly becoming the standard for AMS. It is now in use in twelve different laboratories in ten countries.

In addition to AMS, NEC has recently completed a major revision to the control software for our RBS/PIXE systems. This new software package combines information coming from the accelerator and the sample manipulator to control automatic data acquisition. It produces the necessary polar scans and stores the data in RUMP compatible files. Please contact NEC for further details.

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