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Positive Duoplasmatron Ion Source The NEC positive ion duoplasmatron is of all metal and ceramic construction and utilizes metal gaskets for vacuum seals. NEC's open air 200 kV systems and pressurized Pelletron® accelerators up to 20 MV have been supplied with this source. It has proven reliable with simple, routine operation.

The ion source includes an anode aperture bypass valve, liquid cooling connection, and source magnet with electrical feedthroughs. Clamps are provided on two (2) 50 Amp feedthroughs to hold either tungsten wire or coated mesh filaments. The feedthroughs are welded to the filament holder flange.

Beams of He+, O+ and Ar+ are routinely produced with currents on the order of 2 to 2.5 milliamps with arc and extractor voltages of about 100 V and 30 kV DC, respectively. Beams of H+ up to 10 mA can be expected. This source is directly usable for most gases which form stable positive ions.

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The NEC positive ion RF source was originally developed at the University of Wisconsin-Madsion by Professor H.T. Richards (F.A. Rose, P.B. Tollefsrud and H.T. Richards, I.E.E.E. Transactions on Nuclear Science, Vol. NS-14 (1967), p. 78). A unique clamping structure allows disassembly of the RF bottle from the flange for cleaning without return to the factory. Also unique is the RF sealed enclosure which surrounds the oscillator and RF bottle, and protects sensitive electronics in the area from RF interference.

This RF source is primarily used to produce H+ and He+ ion beams in one atmosphere of air. It also produces modest currents of oxygen, chlorine and other positive ion beams from gaseous elements.

High Pressure Positive RF Source- Used in high voltage terminals of electrostatic accelerators, this source was designed to withstand 100 psi of insulating gas. It is a glued assembly for which NEC provides instructions for maintenance without return to the factory

When used in a 3 MV Pelletron terminal at potential 300 kV, the high pressure RF ion source has produced an analyzed H+ beam on target of 94 microamps.

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