S-Series Pelletron® Systems

Model 5SDH-4 Pelletron System

S-Series Pelletrons, from <1 MV up to 5 MV, incorporate designs and technologies proven at over 25 MV, which assures their performance and reliability. Developed as inexpensive replacements for older accelerators used in research, S-Series Pelletrons have become important tools for many new applications including materials analysis, materials modification, security systems, biomedical applications and many others.


Designed to accelerate all stable ion beams.
Inexpensive to purchase, operate, and maintain.
Exceptionally Reliable.
Engineered for simplicity and dependability.
Completely Spark Protected.
Intrinsic protection of high voltage Pelletron charging system and spark-hardened electronics designs.
Conservative Voltage Rating.
Reaches rated voltage within a day of initial operation. Stable operation above its voltage rating.
NEC Metal-Ceramic Acceleration Tubes.
Ideal for optimum beam transmission in an ultra-clean vacuum.

For orders, inquiries, comments and more information about our products, please contact our sales department at nec@pelletron.com

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