U-Series Pelletron® Systems

When NEC was founded, we faced the challenge of providing new accelerator technologies in a way that offered design flexibility for the wide variety of system requirements and at a competitive price. Structural integrity was essential. Accelerator components had to be so thoroughly protected that there could be no damage due to electrical discharges at voltages of 25 MV and above.

To answer the challenge, NEC developed the standardized modular column design of the U-Series Pelletrons.


Modular Structure
Modular construction allows flexibilty to meet design requirements beyond 25 MV.
Support posts are very strong mechanically and withstand rapid temperature variation without damage.
Standardized components reduce costs.
Immunity from Spark Damage
A 25 MV Pelletron sparked above 30 million volts to test the charging chain and the insulating column structure - no damage occurred.
Modular construction allows all of the Pelletron components to be accessible.

U-Series Pelletrons are in use worldwide (Japan, India, Australia, Germany, Argentina, Israel, Brazil, Sweden, China, Canada, and USA), including eleven systems in the 8 MV to 25 MV range. The larger U-Series systems were used exclusively for nuclear and atomic physics research. Now, many of the larger systems and all of the 1-4 MV S-Series Pelletron systems are also important tools in the new applications fields.

For orders, inquiries, comments and more information about our products, please contact our sales department at nec@pelletron.com

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