Vacuum Equipment

Titanium Sublimators

NEC offers titanium sublimators for efficient, high capacity vacuum pumping. Available in 10 gram, 20 gram, and 50 gram cartridges, NEC sublimators provide high yield, long life, low maintenance getter pumping from 50 microns.

NEC sublimators require low power. They quickly and easily handle large gas loads. The inner heating element and optimized cartridge design allow operation at poor vacuum (up to 50 microns) with efficient use of up to 90% of titanium available.

Rotary Feedthrough

NEC manufactures a magnetically-coupled, high vacuum rotating feedthrough. Magnetic coupling eliminates the leakage problems of rotating vacuum seals and requires much less torque than bellows-sealed rotary feedthroughs. Developed for NEC's beam profile monitor (1200 rpm), it provides long term, reliable operation even at high rotation speeds.

Vibration Isolators

Vibration Isolator Models VI-1 and VI-2 NEC Vibration Isolators effectively isolate a system from troublesome vibrations from cryopumps, turbo-molecular pumps, and other vacuum components. Mechanical stops protect the bellows, and pneumatic leveling accommodates uneven loads. Stainless steel construction assures UHV compatibility. (U.S Patent No. 4539822)



Beamline Insulators

NEC offers all metal and ceramic, organic-free beamline insulators. These rugged insulators can be welded directly to a stainless steel system. All the insulators have either Kovar or mild steel in transition to stainless steel.

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