Vacuum Valves

Metering ValvesModel VM9M Metering Valve


The NEC all-metal metering valve offers exceptionally smooth gas flow control. It seals vacuum tight against inlet pressures to 2000 psi. Self-compensated for changes in external pressure, this valve is also ideal for high resolution flow control inside an accelerator pressure vessel, or for gas metering into an ion source.


Straight Through ValvesModel VS2P Pneumatic Straight Through Valve


NEC bakeable, stainless steel straight through valves provide reliable in-line isolation of UHV vacuum systems. The unique, short stroke toggle closure mechanism extends the life of the metal seal to several hundred closures. In addition, the seal can be replaced without removing the valve from the beamline.



Fast Acting Straight Through ValveModel VS2F Fast Acting Straight Through Valve


The spring-loaded fast acting valve makes a vacuum tight seal in less than 35 milliseconds.

The toggle mechanism controls closure motion to minimize shock and eliminate damage. This extends the metal seal life to more than 50 fast closings. The metal seal can be replaced without removing the valve from the beamline.


Right Angle Valves

NEC bakeable (to 200ºC), right-angle valves are ideal for contaminant-free, ultra-high vacuum systems. The short stroke toggle mechanism gives quick, reliable closures. These valves are made of stainless steel with a replaceable metal seal.

The valve is available in 1 inch size. Remote and manual operation are also available.

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