Versatile Radiocarbon AMS Systems

Highly versatile dedicated radioisotope AMS systems are available based on the tandem Pelletron with potentials ranging from 0.5 MV to 25 MV. All NEC AMS systems have full computer control for both on-line and off-line data analysis. They are available with both gas and solid sample sources with sample positions ranging from 40 to 134 for high throughput.

The NEC systems are available with both sequential and simultaneous negative ion injectors. The Pelletron AMS system is the only AMS system available with an organic free, bakeable ion beam acceleration tube. The NEC acceleration tube is well proven to terminal potentials above 25 million volts.

The NEC AMS system based on our 3 MV tandem Pelletron, Model 9SDH-2, has an extended terminal with dual turbo pumped gas recirculation system for equilibrium stripping while maintaining optimum vacuum in the acceleration tube. The 9SDH-2 AMS system is designed for AMS analysis with most radio isotopes with the exception of chlorine.

Link to VERA - Vienna Environmental Research Accelerator. Link to 134 MC-SNICS info. Link to 134 MC-SNICS info. 3MV Pelletron AMS System

For chlorine AMS studies, we recommend the Pelletron Model 15SDH-2, 5 MV tandem Pelletron. This system has all the capabilities of the 9SDH-2 stated above with the addition of chlorine capability.

Link to NIES - National Institute for Environmental Studies. Link to published AMS performance. 5MV Pelletron AMS System

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