High Resolution RBS Detector

NEC offers a high resolution Rutherford backscattering (HR RBS) detection system as an optional addition to our IBA analysis endstation, model RC43. This detector system provides a factor of more than 10 times improvement in energy resolution — and subsequently depth resolution — compared to the standard solid state detector in the NEC IBA analysis endstation.



The HR RBS detection system is designed for an incoming He+ beam of up to 500keV. This is easily accomplished with our standard IBA Pelletron accelerator systems.

The system consists of:

Mounted on tracks, the system can easily be re-positioned between the 90° port or the 45° port of the RC43 endstation.

Although this system was developed for use on the RC43 endstation, it can be configured to fit to other scattering chambers. Please contact NEC for further information.



The approximate energy resolution of the system is about 1 keV, compared to about 15keV for a standard solid state detector, providing a significant improvement in both energy resolution and depth resolution.

The detector can be accurately positioned for small angle grazing measurements such as ERDA measurements of hydrogen concentrations in surface layers.

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