NEC accelerators in laboratories around the world are often featured in public-facing media content produced by laboratories, their home institutions, and mainstream media outlets. Below is a sampling of content for a general audience regarding NEC, our accelerator systems, the laboratories that use them, and results from the research those laboratories have conducted.

If you have produced, been featured in, or are otherwise aware of additional media content pertaining to NEC accelerators that you would like to see listed here, or if you are currently working on an article or story and would like input from NEC, please contact us with any relevant information or questions.



Ever wonder what kinds of results you can achieve with an NEC Pelletron accelerator? Check out some findings uncovered via techniques such as Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (AMS) or Ion Beam Analysis (IBA), in areas such as cultural heritage, biomedicine, and other surprising applications of accelerator-based materials science.




The Science

How does Accelerator Mass Spectrometry work? What happens inside an NEC accelerator system for AMS or IBA? Check out these links to learn more about some standard NEC accelerator techniques.




The Labs

Learn more about the installation of NEC accelerators, the laboratories that use them, and new cutting-edge advances both in and enabled by NEC accelerator science.