On-site Maintenance and Service Plans

While regularly scheduled maintenance can be performed by the user, some users prefer for maintenance to be performed by experienced NEC personnel. In addition, unexpected failures may occur. Users are equipped with standard troubleshooting techniques, and technical support is available to help diagnose problems and recommend solutions remotely, but sometimes the best way to find and fix a problem is for experienced NEC personnel to inspect the system in person. NEC offers field service visits for such situations.

Field service visits can be scheduled on an as-needed basis. NEC personnel are often available within 2-3 weeks from visit request. Current field service rates apply at time of scheduling.

Annual Field Service Plans

NEC also offers an annual field service plan.  This plan covers one planned maintenance visit and up to two urgent visits within a twelve month period. Plans can be customized to fit the user’s needs.

The scope of the planned visit is to provide a general preventative maintenance overview of the ion source(s) and the Pelletron accelerator. NEC personnel will perform a complete inspection of the ion source(s), the Pelletron (or high voltage deck), and the beamlines, performing standard system maintenance tasks such as cleaning the source(s) and replacing consumables. Additional customer training, recommended system upgrades, and further repairs can be discussed as time permits.

In the event that the ion source(s) or accelerator system are unstable and cannot be diagnosed or repaired with the assistance of NEC personnel via remote support, an urgent field service visit can be scheduled. These visits can typically be performed within one week from visit request, depending on system location and NEC availability. Requests for urgent visits through this service plan have priority over other field service requests.

Included with the field service plan is a 10% discount on consumable parts needed for the maintenance or repair of the ion sources and accelerator.

Service plans are tailored to each system and can be adjusted to meet specific user requirements. Service plans can be reviewed, revised, and renewed annually. Please contact NEC for further information.