Full Catalog

Full Catalog

Below is our current PDF-based catalog of the majority of our available products. Please contact NEC if you have any questions about available systems, components, spare parts, or services.




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Accelerator Systems


Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (AMS)

  1. Single Stage AMS
  2. Compact AMS
  3. Extended AMS
  4. Universal AMS


Ion Beam Analysis (IBA)

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Ion Sources


Negative Ion Sources


Positive Ion Sources

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Beam Diagnostic Components


Beam Profile Monitor


Faraday Cup

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Beam Handling Components










Velocity Selectors (ExB)


Foil/Target Changers

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Insulating Assemblies


Acceleration Tubes


Beamline Insulator


Insulating Support Post

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Vacuum Components


Vacuum Valves


Rotary Vacuum Feedthrough


Vibration Isolators


Turbo Molecular Pump Stations


Titanium Sublimators

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IBA Endstations


Implant Endstations

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Accelerator Control Components




Precision Pulse Current Integrator


Fiber Optic Telemetry System


Terminal Potential Stabilizers

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General Parts


Beamline Supports



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For more information regarding NEC’s products, please contact NEC.