Training users on a new or existing system

New users and technicians of the system are invited to visit NEC during the assembly and test phase of a new system. During this visit they can assist with final assembly and any necessary troubleshooting.  This allows them to learn about the individual components of the system and common troubleshooting techniques.  Additional training in these areas will also occur during installation on site as they are encouraged to be involved in the installation process.

During the visit to NEC as well as during the installation, users will also be trained on proper operation of the system.  This includes general information regarding recommended settings as well as detailed information on how to use the accelerator and data analysis control systems.

During installation, our technicians train users on how to maintain their system. Routine maintenance tasks, such as source cleaning and charging system upkeep, are essential for proper care of the system.

Need a refresher course on our systems? We can provide that.

We understand that as time goes by, users of particular systems change or systems move to new locations.  We offer on-site training for new staff by experienced NEC engineers/technicians, often the same personnel that provided the original training on that system. Contact NEC for availability and current field service rates.