Positive Ion Duoplasmatron Source

Product Features
  • Proven to be reliable with simple routine operation
  • Aperture sizes can be changed based on needed operating parameters


The NEC positive ion Duoplasmatron ion source is designed primarily to produce H+, He+, O+, and Ar+ beams.  However, it is usable for most gases that form stable positive ions.  This source has been supplied with NEC’s open air systems up to 200kV and Pelletron accelerators up to 20MV.



The NEC positive ion Duoplasmatron is of all metal and ceramic construction and utilizes metal gaskets to provide vacuum seals. The source is provided with an anode aperture bypass valve, liquid cooling connection, and source magnet with electrical feedthroughs. Clamps are provided on two feedthroughs to hold a variety of filament and cathode types.





There are several different versions of the source, which differ by anode aperture diameter. The anode aperture is drilled in an anode aperture insert and anode inserts may be exchanged to change operating parameters. Aperture diameters range from 0.05mm to 0.5mm.

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