Positive Ion Duoplasmatron Source

Product Features
  • Reliable
  • Simple routine operation
  • Aperture sizes can be changed based on needed operating parameters


The NEC positive ion duoplasmatron source is designed primarily to produce H+, He+, O+, and Ar+ beams. However, it is usable for most gases that form stable positive ions.

This source has been supplied with NEC’s open air systems up to 200 kV and Pelletron accelerators up to 20 MV.


Positive Ion Duoplasmatron Source Design

The NEC positive ion duoplasmatron source is of all metal and ceramic construction and utilizes metal gaskets to provide vacuum seals.


The source is provided with:



There are several different versions of the positive ion duoplasmatron source, which differ by internal geometry and anode aperture diameter. Aperture diameters range from 0.05 mm to 0.5 mm.

The anode aperture is drilled in an anode aperture insert and anode inserts may be exchanged to change operating parameters.


Source Performance

Beams of He+, O+ and Ar+ are routinely produced with currents on the order of 2 to 2.5 mA when arc and extractor voltages of about 100 V and 30 kV DC respectively are used. Beams of H+ up to 10 mA pulsed or 1 mA DC can be expected.

Please contact NEC with any questions about potential applications or performance.

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