Vacuum Valves

Get ultra-high vacuum compatible vacuum valves that allow rapid and reliable closure. Contact us to start an order.

NEC vacuum valves employ a toggle mechanism that provides constant seal forces until an external adjustment is necessary. Whether actuated by hand, air or other remote method, the unique NEC toggle mechanism provides a sealing force independent of operator or facility variations. Longer seat life is the natural result.

Two types of valves are available:


Types of Vacuum Valves

#1. Gas Metering Valves

Manual gas metering vacuum valve





#2. Straight Through Valves

Manual straight through vacuum valve





Model VM9AM

Manual Gas Metering Valve

  • Achieves full mechanical motion in ten turns of the control shaft
  • Requires only a few turns to close to normal operating flow
Manual gas metering vacuum valve
Model VS2P

Pneumatic Straight Through Vacuum Valve

  • Features a toggle mechanism actuated via pneumatic cylinder
  • Closes the valve to a vacuum tight condition in about 0.2 seconds
Pneumatic straight through vacuum valve
 Model VS2F

Fast Acting Straight Through Vacuum Valve

  • Uses a unique spring closure to actuate the toggle mechanism
  • Closes the valve reliably in less than 35 milliseconds after the trigger signal is received from a coaxial pressure sensor
  • Operates in manual or fast acting mode
Fast acting straight through vacuum valve
 Model VS2M

Manual Straight Through Vacuum Valve

  • Closes by a single lever with a simple and quick 180-degree motion from fully open to fully closed
Manual straight through vacuum valve

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