Vibration Isolators

Applications of NEC Vibration Isolators

NEC vibration isolators are designed to mount between a turbo molecular pump or cryopump and a vacuum system. They significantly reduce vibration transmitted to target chambers, microscopes, wafer processing chambers, end stations, or other vacuum apparatus that must be kept motionless. Contact us to start an order.



NEC offers two vibration isolator models based on the amount of vibration isolation needed. In all versions of both models, the aperture of the bellows has been chosen to maximize conductance and clearance while minimizing interference with flange hardware.


Model VI-1: Typically used with turbo pumps | Vibration isolation: as low as 40 Hz

NEC VI-1 vibration isolators consist of two vacuum flanges separated by compliant large aperture welded bellows and a set of low profile elastomer vibration isolators.


Model VI-2: Typically used with cryopumps and other sensitive systems | Vibration isolation: as low as 2 Hz

NEC VI-2 vibration isolators have the same basic design as the VI-1, with the addition of a pneumatic suspension system that dramatically reduces the transmitted vibrations. The elastomer isolators are mechanically coupled to ultra-low friction pneumatic cylinders. Automatic leveling valves control the flow of compressed air to ballast tanks, which in turn maintain air pressure in the pneumatic cylinders. Once these are pressurized, the cryopump rides on a cushion of air.

* horizontal orientation requires addition of side load restrainers

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