Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (AMS) Systems

Product Features
  • C, Al, Be, I, Ca, Cl, and actinide AMS measurement possible
  • Dual ion source systems available for versatility and high throughput capability
  • Modern carbon backgrounds as low as 3 · 10-16
  • Precision of 0.3% or better for C
  • Precision of better than 2% for Al, Be, I, and Ca
  • All metal/ceramic acceleration tubes with no organic material in the vacuum volume
  • Automated data collection and analysis
  • Fully interlocked system designed for unattended operation

Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (AMS) is a technique for high precision measurement of radioisotope ratios. This technique is used for a large range of applications. NEC provides a wide variety of accelerators designed specifically for AMS.

AMS is used to measure ratios of many different elements including, but not limited to, carbon, beryllium, aluminum, calcium, iodine, chlorine, and the actinides. NEC can provide a system specifically designed for measurement of the specific radioisotope ratios in which the user is interested.

NEC offers low energy AMS systems for measurement of the above elements with the exception of chlorine. Higher energy systems are designed for chlorine measurement and for versatile systems that can perform AMS and Ion Beam Analysis (IBA)


No two NEC accelerators are exactly the same – they are all custom designed to accommodate user requirements. Dual ion source configurations are available for all models.


Low Energy AMS Systems



  • 250kV HV deck
  • Designed for carbon AMS
  • Based on an open-air deck design, eliminating need for an SF6 pressure vessel


  • 500kV tandem Pelletron
  • Designed for carbon AMS
  • Improved background and higher throughput compared to SSAMS


  • 500kV tandem Pelletron
  • Designed for carbon, beryllium, and aluminum AMS
  • Based on the CAMS design with bigger magnets and a final 45° magnet for improved beryllium background


  • 500kV tandem Pelletron
  • Designed for iodine and carbon AMS
  • Larger magnets with high-energy magnet bouncing to accommodate 125I, 127I, 129I isotope measurements


  • 1MV tandem Pelletron
  • Designed for carbon, beryllium, aluminum, iodine, and calcium AMS
  • Magnet size and optical elements designed specifically to add calcium isotope measurement capability

Actinide AMS

  • 1MV tandem Pelletron
  • Designed to be the most versatile compact AMS system capable of, but not limited to, carbon, beryllium, aluminum, calcium, and the actinides
  • Two high-energy magnets with bouncing
  • Simultaneous measurement of up to 8 isotopes



High Energy AMS

NEC offers 3MV and 6MV systems that can measure the same radioisotope ratios as the low energy AMS systems along with the capability of measuring chlorine. The primary advantage of these higher energy systems is lower backgrounds.

Higher energy systems, such as our versatile AMS and IBA system, are designed for users that require the ability to perform AMS and IBA measurements on a single system.

3MV AMS accelerator system
3MV AMS system with pressure vessel moved for servicing the accelerator column

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