Versatile (AMS & IBA) Systems

NEC understands that multiple departments within an institution may collaborate to start up an accelerator laboratory. This often means that researchers plan to use the system for various measurement techniques. NEC’s approach to accommodating this type of situation is to offer versatile systems with both Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (AMS) and Ion Beam Analysis (IBA) capabilities, in order to meet the needs of multiple research disciplines.


NEC Versatile Tandem Systems

NEC has designs for 1MV, 3MV, and 6 MV AMS/IBA systems with additional beamlines that will meet any customer’s accelerator needs. Ion sources, beamlines, and the general configuration can all be customized. Other techniques, such as microprobe and neutron/detector calibration beamlines can easily be added. Two examples of large, 6MV tandem systems in Japan and Australia are show to the right.

Example drawings of 1MV and 3MV versatile systems are included in the related documents section below.

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