Insulating Support Posts


NEC ceramic/titanium insulating support posts are ideal for applications that require holding high voltage gradients while under significant compressive loads.




The NEC insulating support post was developed as the basic structural support element for NEC electrostatic accelerators.


It is used in vertical high voltage structures with potential ratings up to 25 MV and horizontal structures with potential ratings up to 8 MV.



Insulating Support Post Design

The insulating support post is constructed of alumina ceramic bonded to titanium electrodes. These electrodes form torroidal spark gaps that completely protect the alumina ceramic during high voltage discharge. The spark gaps are designed for operation in 80 psig of SF6 insulating gas. The voltage rating is 1 MV with the use of a potential grading system, which can be attached using available brackets.

An open-air version of the support post is also available and has been in use on high voltage structures up to 500 kV in ambient air. Please contact NEC for more information regarding this option.


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