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NEC is the world’s leading provider of ion beam accelerator systems, components, and services.

About NEC

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Accelerator Systems

NEC provides complete ion beam accelerator systems for many applications. Two major applications include Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (AMS) and Ion Beam Analysis (IBA).

Accelerator Mass Spectrometry

Ion Beam Analysis (IBA)

Ion Sources

NEC provides both negative and positive ion sources.

Negative Ion Sources

Positive Ion Sources

Beam Diagnostic Components

NEC provides a variety of components for ion beam diagnostics.

Beame Profile Monitors

Faraday Cups

Beam Handling Components

NEC provides beamline components designed to change direction or modify the size/shape of ion beams.





Velocity Selectors (ExB)

Foil/Target Changers

Insulating Assemblies

NEC provides acceleration tubes and other insulating assemblies for accelerators and high voltage decks.

Acceleration Tubes

Beamline Insulators

Insulating Support Posts

Vacuum Components

NEC provides many components for your vacuum needs including valves, vibration isolators, turbo pump systems, and more.

Vacuum Valves

Rotary Vacuum Feedthroughs

Vibration Isolators

Turbo Molecular Pump Stations

Titanium Sublimators


NEC provides endstations designed for Ion Beam Analysis (IBA) techniques and implant systems.

IBA Endstation

Implant Endstation

Accelerator Control Components

NEC accelerators and subsystems can be fully computer controlled using in-house designed and built software and digital acquisition systems.


Precision Pulse Current Integrator (PPCI)

Fiber Optic Telemetry System

Terminal Potential Stabilizers

Beamline Accessories

NEC provides various other beamline accessories including those for support of beamline components.

Beamline Support Assemblies